List of Celebrations
Date Day Celebrations
014-Jun-2013 Friday Father's Day
26-Jul-2013 Friday Parent's Day
02-Aug-2013 Friday Friendship Day
15-Aug-2013 Thursday Independence Day
05-Sep-2013 Thursday Teacher's Day
06-Sep-2013 Friday Grandparent's Day
13-Nov-2013 Wednesday Children's Day & Field Trip
(Jr KG & Sr KG)
15-Nov-2013 Friday Children's Day & Field Trip
(Toddler's Time & Pre KG)
06-Dec-2013 Friday Flag Day
24-Dec-2013 Tuesday Christmas Day
10-Jan-2014 Friday Pongal
26-Jan-2014 Sunday Republic Day
21-Feb-2014 Friday Medical Camp**
17-Mar-2014 Monday Holi
21-Mar-2014 Friday Annual Day**
Note:** These dates are subject to change based on infrastructure & experts availability. School will announce well-in-advance if there is a change.